Bliss Hair Home System: hair growth lotion

How Bliss Hair Home System hair growth lotion works, what components it contains, how it helps strengthen the hair, possible contraindications and administration guidelines.

The Bliss Hair Home System Hair Growth Lotion is an innovative product that helps to care for fine and weakened hair. Restores its natural strength and stimulates the growth of new hair.

This Hendel brand lotion is a product that provides the hair and scalp with intensive care. This lotion is recommended when a person has problems such as thin and weak hair or intense hair loss. Bliss Hair Home System helps to correct these cosmetic defects in a short time.

This lotion is manufactured in liquid form and sold in handy, easy-to-use bottles.

This lotion contains only active herbal substances. This ultra rich complex for hair and scalp contains the following plant extracts: avocado, tuber wool flower, alfalfa, Sichuan ligusticum and centella asiatica.

The complex of healthy substances contained in this lotion helps combat the following problems:

After the use of this lotion, the hair begins to grow more actively and becomes healthier. Even the dormant follicles "come to life" and begin to grow. Intense hair loss is stopped. Hair that was previously damaged by dyes or chemicals used during beauty salon procedures is no longer healthy.

This lotion has a light texture, which prevents the hair from quickly becoming greasy. After applying this lotion, you won't feel your hair get heavier.

Another further advantage of this cosmetic product is that it does not need to be clarified. In addition, Bliss Hair Home System is quickly absorbed.

If you are aware of the correct use of Bliss Hair Home System, there are no contraindications in the use of that lotion. This is possible because this lotion contains only organic plant components. They are hypoallergenic and do not cause negative reactions to the scalp.

However, you should not use this lotion if there is visible damage to your scalp, such as wounds or bruises.

This lotion is safe, even for pregnant women or those with nursing babies. It is equally suitable for both men and women, regardless of their age.

This lotion can be easily used from home. It won't take long. The Bliss Hair Home System user guide is as follows:

In order to achieve an optimal effect, we recommend that you undergo a treatment cycle using this lotion. You have to use it 3-4 times a week. This treatment cycle requires no more than 2 months.

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